When it happened

Sunday, March 11, 2012

How we got engaged

In March of 2012, Christopher and Ellie had been dating a year.  Christopher had purchased a ring and asked Ellie's parents and dear uncle (Dai-Dai) for approval to marry their beloved Ellie-joon.  After receiving the traditional series of Persian advice, Ellie's parents and uncle all approved and welcomed him to the family.

Then came the proposal...For Christmas, Christopher gave Ellie a trip to Paris over her Springbreak.  Aware of the cliche and knowing that Ellie would expect a proposal on that trip, Topher wanted to pop the question before they left for the City of Light so that they could celebrate with family and friends without having to wait to get home.  So, together with his mother and soon-to-be mothin-in-law, Christopher planned a surprise Sunday brunch at the Sepehris' home on a weekend when Ellie and he would be up in Maryland for a wedding.  However, Ellie was told that the brunch was for a family friend's birthday.

When Sunday morning came around, Christopher dragged Ellie out to coffee with his brother, Jeremy, and his wife, Laura, as a way of getting Ellie out of the house.  Meanwhile, as they were out, close family and friends of both Ellie and Christopher poured into the Sepehri home.  Upon the couple's arrival back at the Sepehris' house, Topher grabbed Ellie's hand as should stepped up on the front door step (knowing that Ellie never wanted Topher on bended knee to propose), and popped the question.

Immediately upon Topher sliding the ring on Ellie's finger, the front door suddenly flung open and, as if one surprise wasn't enough for Ellie, she saw all of their beloved family and friends standing there ready to welcome the newly engaged couple.  Food, well-wishes, gifts....everything was spectacular!

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